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Since March 2020, Easy Green users have been helping restore Madagascar’s primary forests, one of the world’s most biodiverse habitats.

+ 5.9 million trees planted

Easy Green users are helping Madagascar regain the 90% forest cover it lost.

+ 1.8 billion kg of CO2 offset

That’s equal to all the CO2 emitted from 1,990,000 flights from Amsterdam to NY!

8,400 hours of employment

Our projects help those living in poverty earn a fair and stable monthly wage.

Why we’re reforesting Madagascar

Madagascar’s forests were once thriving with biodiversity and acted as an important sink for the world’s CO2. Easy Green users are planting mangrove trees to help reduce natural distasters, restore the lost habitats and effortlessly offset their CO2.

Why mangrove trees?

At our reforestation projects both in Kenya & Madagascar, we’re planting mangrove trees. The soils in which they grow are super carbon sinks, absorbing massive amounts of CO2, and are great at protecting communities from the impact of natural disasters.Want to check one out? Come and visit our very own mangrove at the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam!