bunq update #5

Augustus 2, 2017

What. An. Amazing. Night! 😍 Thank you all for being with us during the presentation of bunq Premium. We believe that this is our best app yet and that it's the final piece of the puzzle on the road to full financial freedom.

The app has been completely revamped and we think it looks really beautiful. Thank you for all your ideas along the way! Because of that we were able to build great new features that will let you use your money wherever, whenever and with whomever you want. 😄

Such as…

We also updated the interface of Together in your bunq app, making it even easier for you to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other.✌️

The brand new bunq Premium App and all features were showcased during last night's bunq update. Read more about it in this topic on Together or check the entire video below: