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At bunq, we offer a borderless banking experience for those who live an international lifestyle. On this page, we share insights into digital nomads' wants and needs in order to accelerate innovation that makes our users' lives easier. Let's dive in!

Working Abroad Index 🌍

As part of our latest research, we examined cost-of-living across European capitals. Explore prices for rent and utilities, groceries and public transportation, co-working spaces and work visas. All the information you need in one place.

Monthly costs in European capitals 💰

Whether it's rent, public transportation or co-working spaces, the cost of living abroad varies significantly across the EU. Between the cheapest EU capital and the most expensive one, there is a huge price difference of 1.970 euros. Bucharest is the cheapest place to live, at just 935 euros. At the bottom of the ranking is London with 3.258 euros.

Co-working spaces: from luxurious to affordable 💻

From a fully equipped private office to a shared work environment: especially for remote workers abroad, flexible workplaces are crucial. In Luxembourg, digital nomads have to pay the most for a co-working space or an office.

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