The Package

Ensuring that you're able to eat, sleep, bunq, repeat is one of our top priorities. Based on actual data on effectiveness, mixed with Dutch labor laws, and sprinkled with our raison d’etre in mind, we have this to offer you.


We all know that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. But we’ve also heard about all those unhappy people locked in a golden cage with no escape. That’s why we firmly believe in a balanced wage. At bunq we do in depth market research to make sure your salary is on the mark. You’ll always be offered fair compensation based on the market.


Bulgarian labor law is different than our Dutch laws. Hence, in Sofia you’re offered a contract that matches what other local companies work on to keep it plain and simple, because we want to make life easy.

If you’re based in Sofia, you’ll get a permanent contract from day one and enter a six month probation period, which we like to call the “Dating phase”. If you’re happy with bunq and we’re happy with you (which is what we expect) then you’ll pass your probation period and continue with “The Wedding” the rest of your contact.

Business First

Perks that help you get shit done

  • Recharge: enjoy 25 paid holidays on top of all the national public holidays.
  • Access: A Macbook Pro to keep with you while you're with us.

Make Life Easy

Perks that help you be the best you.

  • Stay Fit: as the Romans said, a healthy mind in a healthy body: get a completely covered Multisport pass.
  • Health: keep your balance with additional health insurance benefits.
  • Celebrate: we’re in the trenches together, so we like to celebrate with each other with epic Friday drinks, and many unforgettable team events like the famous bunq weekend!