Lead lean...
the bunq way

Know what to expect from your team lead or how to lead your team the bunq way.

Take ownership of your bunq journey by answering the following three questions with the same answer:
Are you ready to level up? Are you looking for next level growth and the chance to fulfil your potential? Are you ready to challenge what you know and shake things up?

What does it mean to lead or be led at bunq?

Be part of a team that goes above and beyond

You’ll work with the most dedicated team ever, intrinsically motivated to provide genuine value to our users. Digging for root causes rather than quick fixes, bunqers take full ownership, even when shit is hitting the fan at midnight. You can count on them, our users can count on them, and they will count on you.

Never a dull moment

Abandon the principles that have gotten you where you are today. Boring days are history. bunq is ready to sweep you off your feet and start fresh. We make banking better, the bunq way. An open mind and the willpower to obliterate boundaries is our daily bread and butter.

Develop the culture & measure like a boss!

If you can’t measure it, we don’t do it. We’re fiercely focused on outcomes and set ambitious goals for ourselves and our teams. Working at bunq you’ll be held accountable and learn what true achievement feels like.

Get inside the mind of our users

People asked for faster horses when what they needed was a car. In the world of banking, bunq is the car. Become a bunq user to see it for yourself. Download the bunq app and try it for free!

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