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Keeping you fit and healthy on your terms

Taking care of your mind as well as your body helps to keep your spirits high and your stress levels low. We made this happen so that all of you, no matter where you are in the world, have access to our free wellness program.

Are you excited?

Join the live stream every day or whenever you can find the time. We, the free, are stronger together.

Here’s what to expect


Monday 18:30 CET: Hatha Yoga 45 minutes, for a clear mind to start your week

Tuesday 12:30 CET: Meditation 30-45 minutes, for a zen and mindful mood


Wednesday 18:30 CET: Olly's Bootcamp 45 minutes, for keeping fit and healthy


Thursday 07:30 CET Vinyasa Yoga 45 minutes, to get flexible and challenged

Who’s joining

You’ll be practicing alongside bunqers and fellow members of the bunq community. If you love this program as much we do, feel free to spread the word and invite all your friends!

Who’s teaching

Our lovely Olly is hosting the Bootcamp, whom you may already be familiar with from our previous Instagram sessions! For guiding us all through meaningful Yoga and Meditation journeys, we’ve partnered with Tapah Wellbeing.

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