The best card to travel the world

Save up to 3% on your next trip abroad with your bunq Travel Card. We’ve got you covered, wherever the road takes you. All with zero monthly fees.


Save money every
step of the journey

Save when you spend

Other credit cards charge you up to 3% when you spend in other currencies. We don’t. Ever.

Save on withdrawals

Withdraw cash from any ATM in the world, for just €0.99 per withdrawal. Fixed.

2 weeks backpacking through the Australian Outback where you spend €5000.

You'll save €150

Machu Picchu
Discover yourself in Machu Picchu where you spend €3200.

You'll save €96

New York
A sightseeing trip to the Big Apple where you spend €2400.

You'll save €72

The simplest card to
travel with

All the benefits of a credit card without the burden of debt.

Accepted everywhere

bunq Travel Card is a credit card, so it is accepted everywhere. Even for car rentals and hotel deposits.

No credit checks

You don’t need a credit check to get your bunq Travel Card. So you can get going right away!

Always in control,
from anywhere

Realtime push

Not sure how much ¥3,989 is? No problem. We’ll send you a push notification for any payment, and we’ll tell you how much it was in Euros.

Card freezing on-the-go

Card got stolen? Don’t worry. You can freeze your card with just a tap in the app, so your money is always secure. Freeze it anywhere, any time, we’ll process it all in realtime for you.


All for €0.00/month

Just a one-time fee of €9.99 for the Travel Card itself. That’s it! You’ll get the bunq experience with no ongoing monthly fees.


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Apple App Store or Google Play.

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