Earn money with your money

Earn the highest interest rates on all of your sub-accounts. Every month.


How does it work?

At 0.27%, bunq gives you an interest rate 9x higher than traditional banks. And if you prefer not to receive any interest, you can turn it off with a tap in the app.

Earn interest on all of your sub-accounts

You earn interest on all of your sub-accounts, not just your savings accounts, so you get the most interest on the most money!

Start earning from any amount

To give you the most out of your banking, you can start earning interest regardless of how much money is in your account. Our interest rates start from as little as €0.01!

Bunq-Mass Interest-App-Screen-1

Get paid every month

We think you should get your money as soon as possible, so we pay you your interest monthly. You’ll get a push notification when your interest comes in, and you can check it out in your in-app events overview!

Bunq-Mass Interest-notification


Sign up in just 5 minutes

Sign up in 5 minutes for your free 1 month trial of bunq Premium. You only need your phone, address and ID.