Total control over your money, on any of your devices

Control your money right from your desktop. You wanted it. We did it. (Even though we swore we never would!)


Your money on the big screen

Your money on the big screen

Get a wide-screen overview of your account balances. Same app. Same stunning design.

View your transactions

View all of your transactions and events on your desktop. You’ll always know what’s going on with your money.

View and freeze your cards

Wallet got stolen? No worries! You can now freeze your card right from your desktop without needing your phone. Totally secure.

Accept or decline requests

Do your banking from your desktop. With bunq Web, you’re free to accept or decline payment requests, all without needing your phone.


Your security is our top priority

bunq Web was built with multiple layers of security to ensure that you and your money are always safe when banking via a web browser.

Secure login

To log in, you can either authenticate right from the mobile bunq app by scanning a QR code or through a double verification where you first confirm your email address and then (only after a successful verification) you're asked for your 6-digit login code to log in.

Verified payments

Once logged in, we apply very strict limits to requiring further authentication (e.g. confirming a payment in the bunq app if it exceeds a certain amount). Your money is safe with bunq.

Sign up in just 5 minutes

Sign up in 5 minutes for your free 1 month trial of bunq Premium. You only need your phone, address and ID.