Your expat checklist

Moving from one country to another is a great adventure. The Netherlands in particular is known for welcoming expats from all over the world. To help you enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want, here’s a checklist for moving to the Netherlands.

Visa and residence permit

First and foremost, make sure you have the right documents for your stay in the Netherlands. What you need for will depend on the length of your stay, your purpose and your own nationality. To be sure to obtain a Dutch residence permit, find all the information you need here.

Health care

The Netherlands’ healthcare system is ranked among the world’s best. Anyone living in the Netherlands is required to have health insurance. This means that once your visa and/or residence permit are taken care of, health insurance is next on your list! Click here to get all the information so you're sure you covered the basics!

Opening a Dutch bank account

To start enjoying life in your new home, you’ll need a bank account. With a bunq bank account, all you need is your phone, your ID and your (future) home address in the Netherlands. A TIN (or ‘BSN’ in Dutch) is not required immediately. It can be added up to 90 days after opening your account. This means you can already use a fully functional Dutch bank account while you wait for your TIN to arrive. Read more about opening your expat bank account here.


Anyone living or working in the Netherlands is required to pay taxes on their income. As a foreigner you might be entitled to certain tax exemptions. This depends on many factors. Prepare yourself by reading up on how your specific set of circumstances determines how you can comply with Dutch tax laws.


Although Amsterdam is the most popular Dutch city among expats, cities like Utrecht, Rotterdam, the Hague and Haarlem are becoming increasingly popular. This is in part because public transportation tends to be swift and reliable: you’re never far away from where the action is!

To find a place to live in the Netherlands, it’s best to start looking well in advance. To get more info on how and where to find your new home, click here.


One of the reasons the Netherlands proves popular among expats is that practically all Dutch people speak English as a second language. As such, there are many jobs that don’t require you to speak Dutch.

To apply for a job in the Netherlands, you’ll have to obtain a working permit. Read all about starting a career in the Netherlands here.

Moving your belongings

Packing your things and shipping them to another country is an exciting undertaking. Depending on your country of origin, there are multiple ways to transport your belongings. In some cases, your belongings might arrive before you have a place to live. To make sure this runs smoothly, find out how you can safely move your belongings to your new home.

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Moving from one country to another is a big step, but you’ll find the Netherlands to be very facilitating toward expats. It's an adventure you're sure to love!

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