Open your expat bank account in 5 minutes

Whether you’re moving to the Netherlands for work, study or other reasons, bunq makes opening a bank account super easy. All you need is your phone, ID and address.

No TIN required

When you sign up for a bunq bank account, you don’t need a TIN. You can add it up to 90 days after signing up. This allows you to have a fully functional Dutch bank account the moment you set foot on Dutch soil, while you wait for your TIN to arrive.

Advantages of a bunq expat account

bunq is a fully mobile bank. This means you can open an account from anywhere in the world, using just your phone. No branch visits, no waiting lines, no paperwork. We make it super easy, so you have the freedom to enjoy life in your new home.

More details about a bunq bank account

When you sign up for a bunq bank account, you get 1000+ features that wow:

All for a fixed, montly fee of €7,99. No hidden costs.

Applying for an expat bank account

To apply for a bunq bank account you simply download the bunq app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. In the app you can open your account in just 5 minutes. Sign up now and get a free 1 month trial, no strings attached.

Ready to experience the freedom of bunq?

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