What a week!

December 1, 2015

What a week! So many people! So little time! This exceeded our wildest dreams! You guys are the best :)!

The app's download numbers are huge. So much so that we had to call in extra troops from our sister company TransIP. They immediately gathered some enthusiasts (Ryan! Je bent een baas! - maar De Greef, Jonathan, Nienke, Matthias en Milan eigenlijk ook :)), jumped in a car and didn't leave until after midnight. Amazing.

Things went fast. Really fast.

Driven by your enthusiasm, we all worked around the clock. Literally. And as it turns out: the office is a very fine place to sleep. The sound of rattling keyboards is a soothing sound to kickoff that needed nap.

But all this was very much worth it. In 10 years time we will still be talking about this week. When we have grand children we will still talk about this week. That's how much excitement and adrenaline we felt. And ofcourse your loving Tweets and messages are the icing on this delicious cake. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a week! And let it be the first of many to come...