We made Apple's top 10!

December 8, 2016

It’s December! That means: champagne, fireworks, and… best-of lists! We’re super proud to be part of one this year: Apple included the bunq app in their list of the best apps of 2016. Thanks Apple!

But, more importantly, thank you bunqers! You made 2016 an amazing ride. So in return, here’s our little list: 5 times you totally blew our minds!

We get a lot of awesome feature requests… but these guys took the cake. Literally.

Speaking of cake: it took 70 bunqers 2 days to finish this one!

This guy redesigned our website, just for fun. Keep it up!

When Slice was released, these two couldn’t wait for an opportunity to “throw money at each other”.

One user couldn’t stop refreshing Twitter during our last update. Hope your f5 key is OK!

Your feedback, suggestions, and surprises have been invaluable. Keep it coming, here’s to the top of the list next year 😄 !

Check the bunq app yourself!