Uplifting Talk

January 20, 2015

Elevators. You're basically forced to spend 30 to 120 awkward seconds with complete strangers in a closed off box. The funny thing then is that some people feel pressured into starting a conversation that none of the other people present actually want. 

It’s best not to talk at all in an elevator, so we normally just shut up when we stand inside ours. This does not prevent, however, our (ING) neighbours from trying to extract some information anyway. They use cunning sentences like "Hey remember the deadline you told me about?" and "The big thing that went live last week, what was it again?" ... Truly Machiavellian. But be not afraid! We are masters of deflection.

Apparently, this complete lack of information is no reason not to write about us. After standing in our elevator for hours and hours, gaining nothing, these journalists still decided to write about us. We have to give them credits for their perseverance (make sure you read this). Next time, let us know upfront that you're coming and we might prepare something nice for you :) 

- Pieter S.