The time has come!

November 24, 2015

After four years of insanely hard work, we are extremely proud and even more excited that bunq is available to all. Get bunq for free (from the App Store or Google Play Store). Sign up in less than 5 minutes. And start bunqing together! 

We're a bank that's so different that we don't call ourselves a bank. For we love building stuff you actually want. With our app, you can easily request or split money with your friends. When sending money, you don't have to bother with IBANs. Add pictures and emoticons whenever it suits you. And of course everything is real time. 

To celebrate our epic public beta launch, we had a small gathering last night. Let's have a look! :)


Get bunq it's free. Sign up in less than 5 minutes. Start bunqing. Stay connected.