The Aftermath

December 2, 2015

Dear bunqer, 


Earlier today we discovered that on Android devices a temporary file was not properly removed. Within 81 minutes we fixed the problem retroactively by rolling out an automatic update. 


Please note: the iOS app was not and is not affected. 


Whilst working on a solution, the NOS (Dutch national news) decided to publish an article. Despite the presumption of the title, we in fact dó encrypt all your data. In this case however, a mistake was made causing a temporary file to remain on your Android device. 


Because this file was only placed on your own device, a malicious attacker only would have had access if and only if they also had access to all your other data. This would have included all your private pictures, all your private mails and all your private texts. The chances of this happening are very small.


We regret that the NOS has consciously chosen to run with a suggestive title. At bunq safety of your data is very precious to us. It's something we work for day and night. 


My sincere apologies. Please let us know if you have any questions or remarks, we are always here for you. 


- Ali.