Thanks for bunqin’ with us!

August 2, 2016

Our ears are still ringing! After an adventurous QR treasure hunt in Amsterdam, we threw a modest (cough) launch party at the bunqer with author Siebe and some other friends. We had a little trouble keeping our eyes open the day after, but it was worth it - the book launch was awesome! So we want to give a BIG thank-you to all of you 😃 .

The QR treasure hunt really took Amsterdam by surprise. We had lots of fun hiding the books (in plain sight), and we noticed you had as much fun looking for them! Especially that one guy at Amsterdam Amstel, who rang his friends as soon as we arrived with more books. You made our day! And to the bunqer on Facebook, who dropped Pokemon Go for a while to look for bunq presents instead: If you’re out there, let us know if you caught ‘em all!

To us, the book launch felt like the beginning of a new chapter. After the start-up madness of Breken Met Banken, bunq has reached a new level of crazy: company adolescence! Whether you’ve been with us for a while now, or only found out about bunq through the treasure hunt the other day - you guys keep us going, and we can’t wait to build an amazing future together 😃 !