Teach me how to code

May 11, 2015

What a time to be alive: apparently around 5% of all teenagers in Europe is a 'pathological internet user', meaning that the use of the Internet is actually affecting their health. The Internet is the ultimate distraction. 

From cat videos to Kardashian tweets, content has started revolving on how we are now consuming it. Everyone knows what I'm talking about:

But how can we truly gain control over this societal transformation? Simple. We need to become the architects of our own reality.

In the kaleidoscopic world of the Internet, this means learning how to code. If you get to grips with what the internet is made of, then there's basically nothing you can't do with it. Building your own world means independence. 

So that's exactly the reason that all non-IT team members here learn how to code, on the job. Anyone that does, solves problems in a more structured way with better solutions as a result. Plus it makes all communication easier since well, we're an IT company. Plus programming fuels people's entrepreneurship and the creative solutions they come up with. Unsurprisingly, knowledge makes everything easier and more fun.

Learn to code. Code to learn. :)

- Djoeri