Background on PIN issue

June 24, 2016

Fellow bunqer,

We're very sorry that in recent weeks there have been multiple disruptions for PIN payments. Although there is no quick solution we’d like to shed some light on everything that's currently going on.

Every time you PIN, MasterCard sends our processor a message. They then process this message and do checks for fraud (amongst other things). The message is then passed along to us. It's common practice to have a specialised processor and so we decided on choosing one of the best available: a global Fortune 500 company (they don't want us to use their name).

Unfortunately it turns out that their standards do not match ours. Many times we work around their issues so that you don't notice. Sometimes we can't. 

So we made a bold decision to implement our own direct MasterCard-connection. Like all new features we kept it secret, but today we’d like to unveil that we’ve already been working on this for several months now.

We’re giving it our all and estimate that we’ll be able to switch over in approximately 8 weeks. Until then we're doing everything we can to prevent new disruptions.

If you’ve any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through Support!