Share your expenses with Slice!

November 21, 2016

Most of our features are inspired by real life experiences! Our new app Slice was inspired by Anne, our on-boarding guru who wanted to share expenses with her hockey team. 

Slice is a free app, designed for bunqers and non-bunqers who want to easily - and fairly - split group expenses. You can use it with your roommates, friends, travel buddies or sport mates.

Here is how it works: 

Create a group
Invite your friends with their email or mobile number.

Go shopping!
Import expenses from bunq or add them manually.

Settle the balance
Everyone pays without hassle via bunq or iDEAL.

Craving for more? Check out how Anne and her hockey team slice! We 😍 it!

Are you slicing today? Reach out to Support or Twitter, we can’t wait to hear it 😄 !