We love our new feature!

June 15, 2016

We’ve got something new that might come in handy this summer! From now on you can stick a QR code on your food truck and receive money without a pin terminal.

We came up with the idea by chance, when De IJsfiets was selling ice-cream in front of our office the other day. After the second ice-cream, the pin terminal broke down. Here’s how bunq’s biggest ice cream fans, David and Anne, reacted (pie-graph courtesy of Ali2 - our stats trainee).

They postponed their meeting immediately and came up with the idea to connect a QR-code to the ice-cream-lady’s bunq account. Turned out it worked great!  

Now we’ve implemented this QR feature in the app, so everyone can sell ice creams ;). Or burgers. Or hotdogs <3!  

We made a short video to give you a better idea how the QR feature works.

P.S. If you spontaneously decide to start selling food as well: we’re always available for a tasting :D