Keep Calm and Engage

January 8, 2015

It’s my first week here and I’d like to share my crazy experiences with you. As the newest addition to the bunq team, coming from a slow and corporate world, many things attracted my attention. Enjoy:

I saw this on what appears to be the emergency door

Here is the link I got when I misspelled someone’s name (I’m dyslexic, but nobody seems to care)

And then there is this racquet (he used to be one they called ‘Dominik’)

On Friday afternoon, HR came to my desk asking if I'd like a beer (I did). I heard someone getting feedback with the words, ’this is why I’ll be crying myself to sleep tonight’ (admittedly, his work wasn’t great). This first week has shown me that creating something new is very hard, and also inspiring, that shooting a Nerf gun and playing table tennis makes it easier and that it is unwise to leave your screen unlocked (horrific picture not included, on purpose).

This place is different. Now if you will excuse me, I have to return fire.