Jungle Fever

December 29, 2014

As a designer you are faced with ever-changing landscapes of devices, resolutions, media and frameworks. It’s a jungle out there and our beloved pixel perfect designs are dying. Get my point? Here are my four tips to survive this madness, but seriously: it’s every designer for himself. 

Point taken 

No one cares about pixels anymore. We design in points now. Stop saying you make pixel perfect designs, it means you're old. Letting pixels go doesn't mean that you don't care about perfection. It's like the corny Disney song: Let it go, let it go!


Discover the never ending library called our galaxy. Recycle every idea you can find to reach your goal. Don’t call it copy-pasting or stealing: just say that you're highly inspired by another artist. Some of the biggest companies in the world are highly inspired by other artists. Sometimes. Ok, all the time. 

Feel the Force 

Like the code, the images and every element in your designs. You, the designer, should be as flexible as possible. Force yourself to work outside of your comfort zone. Accept every challenge as if you're playing in God mode. 


We have to adapt, respond and become like fluid. The alternative is that we have to retire, together with print media. We simply can’t make lovely static pieces of art anymore – developers will no longer understand that language. A change in the design process is required to survive the madness. We have to make bloody responsive wireframes and freaking working prototypes now. Acceptance of this fact is the first step into your future life as a Designer.  

[ paste your war cry here ]

- Thijs