January? More like fun-uary!

January 2, 2017

We figured January could use a little excitement. Start 2017 with a blast and compete for daily rewards!

What’s happening? Tell me more!

We’re spicing up January with 4 weekly challenges, each with a daily reward. We will announce a daily challenge on Twitter and Facebook each morning and you can win by participating before the day ends. The daily winner will be revealed on Twitter and Facebook the next morning, so keep a close eye on our social channels!  

How do I join?

There are 3 simple rules:

  • Have a fully registered bunq more account. Download bunq here.
  • Follow the daily instruction and compete for a win!
  • You can find all the nitty gritty legal stuff for week 4 here.

Daily winners will be contacted by us first. We won’t post any info without your consent.

Let the games begin!