How to: Weihnachtsfeier

December 19, 2014

Yesterday was the second time that we celebrated Christmas at bunq. While drinking my glass of Glühwein, it dawned on me that Christmas is about one thing: having fun. But how do you do it, you ask? Let me elaborate!

Have an epic dress code

An 80s vibe spread through the office during the day, as the dress code for our party was German Après-ski - which most bunqers readily interpreted as a license to go dressed as Wham! groupies, including the spray-on tan. It bordered on Jersey Shore. 

UPDATE TABLE competition SET winner = 1 WHERE team = correct

PUB QUIZ! A hefty cocktail of narcissism, desperation and wild accusations at the address of the quiz master (despicable me). Is it my problem that most bunqers didn't know in which year the development of FreeBSD started? Of course not! Nothing was funnier than seeing all teams struggle - or laugh manically when they knew an answer. BTW: if you happen to know the answer, please do get in touch with us (, geeks only). 

Bring the perfect gift

Nobody remembers pate. Or ragout. Or more ragout. So we give bunqers something rememberable for Christmas - because they go all out throughout the year. "Hebben is houden", as we say in Dutch

Zum Schluss: Cementing comradery is done by putting together a bunch of great people and using Glühwein as glue. 

Merry Christmas everybody :)

- Djoeri