Get our book for Christmas!

December 12, 2016

Christmas is coming up and we’re already feeling festive! So we decided to share some free copies of our book, Breken met Banken 😄 . Want to read all about our adventurous startup years? Start sharing!

  • We sent every bunqer a QR code by email.
  • Share the QR with your friends who don’t have bunq yet.
  • Your friends can scan the QR after getting the app and signing up.
  • When a friend scans your QR, we’ll send you a copy of Breken met Banken!
  • After your friend scans your code, they will also get a QR code to share by email.

Not a bunqer yet, but still want to read our story? Ask a friend for their QR and scan it with our app! We’ll email you a QR to get a book of your own as soon as you do.

Be quick, books are in limited supply 😇 !