Diversity is our strength!

September 29, 2016

Last Sunday, over 5.000 people took part in a march that celebrated diversity in our society. We ❤️  it! Like IEDER1, who organised the march, we believe in the power of diversity.

We all have things that set us apart from other people. Whether it’s the country you're born in, the people you fall in love with, or your favourite colour. At bunq, we’ve discovered that these differences bring us closer together. Especially when karaoke and polish ‘fruit juice’ (40%) are involved 😁 .

There are challenges, of course. The familiar Dutch directness is something our international colleagues had to get used to. But the overarching goal - to build amazing new stuff - is more important than our differences. Instead, we use our diversity to think outside of the box. It’s the inspiration for our surprising ideas 😊  .

This is how bunq's culture works. This is how we excel! So here's a big shout out to everyone who joined the parade. Let’s embrace diversity and use our differences to build a better world - together 😄 !