Did we just become bunq friends?

July 21, 2016

Today we bring a new feature (friendly push notifications!) as well as two giveaways to celebrate! Chocolate and cake lovers (and frankly, who isn't 😇 ), read on…

More and more bunqers have been asking for a notification that shows up when a friend decides to join team bunq. We loved this idea and decided to roll with it. So, starting today, you’ll receive a push notification when someone in your contact list joins bunq!

For those of you concerned about privacy and whether bunq is now able to copy your entire contact list for commercial use – don’t worry. In terms of privacy, we have your back. 

Here's how we protect your contacts. Every contact entry that is synced through the app is hashed. A hash is a one-way transformation that generates a unique 256-bit number. This process is a one-way street: in the same way hamburgers cannot be put back together into cows, your contact information cannot be traced after syncing it through. In other words: your data stays safe.

To put cake where our mouth is: show how much of a social animal you are and we’ll celebrate with cake! The first bunqer to submit a screenshot of a phone filled with push notification gets to have cake too. Send us a screenshot through Support Chat and we’ll send you a tasty treat!

If you have any questions about the way we handle privacy or anything else for that matter, just hit us up through Support Chat! We love making small talk. The 5 most creative and interesting questions will get a Tony's :D. Your question & our answer will also be immortalised on the bunq blog the coming weeks!