Debit card news: we're independent!

October 5, 2016

Liberté! We’ve been working our socks off for freedom the past months. It has paid off: we’ve established a direct link with MasterCard! From today on, your bunq debit cards will work better than ever before. And, more importantly: we’ve become independent 😄 !

What did we do exactly? Well, earlier, a payment with your bunq card took three steps: 

  1. The payment terminal operator, MasterCard, sent the payment information to our processor.
  2. The processor would process the information and run a couple of checks.
  3. The information was passed on to us, and the payment process completed.

We got rid of step 2, which makes our card system faster and much more stable 😊 . It also offers some new possibilities. Want to change your PIN? Go ahead, it’ll only take a few seconds now! And who knows what else we’ll come up with in the future. 

What matters the most to us, though, is our independence. We’d much rather build our own stuff than depend on external systems. By replacing our processor, we’ve removed such an external element from the chain. We couldn’t be happier 😄 !

Here’s to the next step 😁 . What’s it going to be? Let us know if you have any ideas!