Database maintenance

November 26, 2015

Since the media attention of yesterday we have been getting enormous numbers of new customers. Beyond our wildest dreams :)... 

It is this enthusiasm that fuels us to work around the clock: we want to handle your requests as soon as possible. So of course we've worked throughout the night -and- we cheered everytime we got another 1000 new customers. We really love welcoming you all :)... Even if it means that people are walking like zombies in the hallway :).

Due to this enormous influx of welcoming customers our servers unfortunately ran out of resources. We responded immediately, but getting the servers back up took (way) longer than we have experienced so far. Then again we've never ever seen so much traffic before :)... Including me (Ali, former CEO TransIP).

I am very sorry that we couldn't handle this better. We will continue adding resources tonight at 23.00.

Sorry again :(.

- Ali

Update (1:49): For the tech-savy users out there: the reason that the database restart took longer than expected was a bug in the opensource software we were using. It turns out it couldn't handle the difference of BSD find vs. GNU find well... Luckily, because it's open source, we could find out & fix it ourselves :)!

Update (05:47): We're all good! We worked throughout the night to add resources and did so without any impact on the app's availability. Thanks for your support! - Menno, Esan & Ali