Company Puberty

March 26, 2015

Remember puberty? You squeezed pimples, challenged alcohol limits, defined your own style. The world revolved around you and was bound to change by your groundbreaking impact…and your world collapsed when you found out that your first ‘moustache’ was actually the last bite of a Nutella sandwich. One fails forward toward success.

Like a child who has reached the awkward age, we as a startup can't wait until we are the fully fledged company we want to be. Our future gazing seems opposite to the latest fashion: regardless of the past pretend one is just getting started. To us, that’s backwards. You won’t see us bragging about a € 30-billion-Alt-A-mortgages-portfolio.

Just like puberty is about more than your first upper lip hairs, startup life goes beyond switching Dells for MacBooks: it’s about mentality. To build something from the ground up and to be proud of it. That mentality beats the sum of all beards and Fatboys one could lure into an office. 

Like all other bunqers I am proud to be a part of it, but I have to be honest: we can’t wait until we’ve outgrown puberty. Because then at last we will be able to reproduce ;-) ;-)

- Pieter S.