bunq the taxi driver!

December 16, 2016

As of today we started our first bunq taxi pilot in Amsterdam. We’ve got 4 very colourful bunq taxi’s with lollipops driving you to your favourite spots and back home. 

And the best thing, you can bunq the driver!! 

So no hassle with cash, credit cards or lost wallets. 

You can (pre-)order a taxi through Cabture: +31 6 16310429 or bunq@cabture.nl

Ask specifically for a bunq taxi! If you order your bunq taxi on demand, keep in mind it’s possible they won’t be available. So you better reserve your colourful ride upfront! 

Let us know what cities you would like our bunq taxi’s to go next 🚗? 

And share the fun with us. Hit us up on social media to share pictures of your latest bunq ride!