bunq shows rapid growth

December 10, 2015

The past few weeks, bunq came in with a bang, getting loads of attention in the Dutch media. This combined with the enthusiasm of our growing group of users have spurred unforeseen growth. The perfect time to do some research into what's happening on our platform. 


Social Payments

The biggest surprise in usage turns out to be the social aspect of the platform: over 70% of the transactions contain attachments. Examples of these attachments are photos or emojis that are sent along with the payment. Feedback from our customers shows that they especially add photos of their newly-bought Christmas presents and other purchases: it gives a fun twist to an otherwise mundane transaction.


Users are excited

Users are extremely excited about the app and the bunq debit card: especially the possibility to use phone contacts (instead of IBANs) for payments and to switch the card between different bank accounts are much appreciated. bunqers, a nickname for bunq users, constantly show the world how happy they are with their cards. One bunqer even sent in a photo from Argentina that quickly went around the office and has now found a place on the company’s 'Cool Wall'. We find it incredible how much love we received from our users and how much they help us with their feedback. This enables us to make the things you guys want :)!

Photo from Argentina, received from bunqer Guido Jansen - how awesome is that?!!!