bunq launches business accounts

March 15, 2016

Starting today, we entrepreneurs can also enjoy the benefits of bunq :)!

A bunq bank account merely costs €1 per month. All freelancers, SMEs, foundations, associations and all other businesses can open their accounts right now. As a fellow entrepreneur, I notice that bunq makes our lives easier every day. How? Since there are no fixed fees for cards, your colleagues no longer have to use cash. Or take the 'Connect’ feature, which lets you effectively manage company expenses by giving other bunqers real time and limited access to your business account.

Leendert-Jan Visser, director of MKB Nederland is delighted: “We strongly encourage alternatives to banking for businesses. After all, freedom of choice allows entrepreneurs to set up banking in a way that fits their needs.”

We’d love to hear all your feedback. Do you have an idea or request to make our services better? Let us know and we’ll build it :D!

Spread the love, let’s bunq together,