Breken Met Banken: behind the scenes at bunq!

July 28, 2016

Book-loving bunqers, have we got news for you: A book about our short but turbulent history just came out! Siebe Huizinga’s Breken Met Banken will be available in bookstores from today. Siebe practically lived with Ali and the other founders from 2012-2016, so there are plenty of juicy bits for you to enjoy 😏.  

Breken Met Banken draws you into the story of a tech start-up on a mission to turn the world of banking on its head. Not many people thought bunq could make it happen. But, in Ali’s words: “Realistic expectations lead to realistic results. Realism doesn’t change the world; dreams do”. So we chased our dream and hooked ourselves up with a banking license! In the foreword, Joris Luyendijk writes it’s “pure inspiration”. We’ll let you be the judge of that, though! 

In short: If you want to get to know bunq a little better and learn all about start-ups and banking, Breken Met Banken might be worth your time! If you end up reading it, don’t forget to tell us what you think :).

Breken Met Banken can be ordered here. The book will also be generally available at bookshops.