A bank office in your pocket

November 18, 2016

When you dive into banking history, you’ll find out banks were created to serve people and to ease their daily lives. And well, some bankers got lost on the way 👀 !

In the Ancient Greek, “trapezites” - the ancestors of modern bankers - had their “trapeza” - banking tables-, installed on public market squares. This strategic location was not meaningless. The idea was to make banking services easily reachable to everyone.

Over time, banks forgot their roots and built complicated infrastructures. For most people, finance and banking, became harder and harder to understand 🤔.

At bunq we aim to go back to the original roots of banking. We want to make banking and money understandable to everyone. Ancient bankers took their desks to the public square. We're taking it a step further: our desks are in your pocket! Support is always available to immediately answer any question related to your money. 

We believe this informal communication is a must to re-establish a more transparent and improved banking system. We believe it’s a necessity to go back to a simplified banking system. 

Hit us up to share the improvement you’d like to see in our support service 😀 !