And so it all began!

November 21, 2014

There's this thing that we've been working on for quite a while now. This thing that everybody wanted to know about, yet remained a mystery. Meanwhile we kept our mouths shut and held a low profile, keeping even our spouses in the dark. For that is what it takes to create a serene atmosphere in which something like this could grow. Moving at an incredible pace we managed to achieve something that has never been done before. Well, at least not for the past 30-something years that is.

... "and then there was light." as someone has supposedly said in the past. Our environment lit up as we got a call from the Dutch central bank. We had achieved that which many deemed impossible: we got our Dutch banking permit in just over 18 months! A great reward after relentless hours of work, long nights ("Is it 3 AM already?") and even longer weekends. Greenfield - without any history of operating (or misoperating :)) in the banking sector - we succeeded in getting the permit that so many others tried to get before. But failed to.

So how did our sister company TransIP react? Did they buy us beer, organise a big party or send us something cool? No, they chose to reinvent nicknames for us: official banker wanker. To top it off, they printed this on tie-shirts for all of us to wear. 

We love you too guys, but next time we'd rather opt for a lifetime supply of pizza. Or Texels beer.

So what lies ahead? That's a good question which we'll definitely answer in some months... Until then: please let us do our magic in the quiet realm of our office without too many distractions, so that we hopefully may surprise again. 

- Ali