V2: already? How is that even possible?!

May 3, 2016

Yes, we've been rolling out updates almost every week. 
Yes, we've brought out kick-ass features in the past months :). 
Yes, we love satisfying your desires.

We listened to you on how you use bunq. As it turns out it’s totally different from any other banking app! A bunqer bunqs way more frequently. User experience is everything to us. So armed with this knowledge we started working on a plan. Secretly.

Because while part of us was working on continuously gratifying your feature needs, the other part of the team worked their asses off on a secret project… A project now known as V2:

V2 is signing up in a minute.
V2 is much faster payments.
V2 is realtime money requests to anyone!

The past months have been tremendously intense. We've effectively been running a marathon at sprint pace. And now, it's time to catch our breath.

Please share your thoughts, invite your friends, spread the love, let’s bunq together :D