instant requests

Get your money back easily and swiftly by sending out an instant request. Send the request to any phonebook contact. Or share it through Whatsapp, Email or Messenger. You get your money back instantly.

phonebook contacts

Sending a Request is super easy. Any phonebook contact will do.

get paid instantly

Don’t wait for your money to arrive. As soon as your Request is accepted you get your money. Instantly.

whatsapp, email or messenger

Send Shared Requests through Whatsapp, Email or Messenger. Requesting from a group has never been easier.

birthday present

Bob's birthday was coming up... And so Jackie and her friends decided to collect some money for an amazing gift. Jackie sent an Shared Request to her WhatsApp group.

"As we added more and more people to our WhatsApp group the money kept coming in. In the end we had over 100 euros! We decided to buy an old school video game for Bob and a new pair of jeans. I went shopping the same afternoon. It was so awesome that I received the money in my account right away!"

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