bank without borders

Are you an expat moving to The Netherlands? Or perhaps your relationship is ready for a joint-account? Open a new bank account in less than five minutes. Never visit bank branches or fill out paperwork again. All you'll ever need is just your phone.

instant push notifications

Incoming money, answered Requests or purchases with your cards. Always get a push notification instantly.

full financial freedom

From ordering cards, changing PIN codes and setting limits to opening entire new bank accounts: all you need is your phone.

we're here for you

No matter what you need, if you need to reach us you can do so straight from the app. We're here to help.

21st century banking

Travel is close to Taco's heart. He was looking for a bank that was available wherever he goes, at all places and at all times.

"bunq is a hypermodern bank with the feeling of your local coffee place and I love it. It's easy, modern and fully available at all times. It's the only bank I use. They know how to deliver 21st century banking: fast and awesome."

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