group accounts with friends, family or partner(s)

Group accounts are joint accounts on steroids. Add as many people as you want to your bank accounts. Adjust access and limits as you please or revoke them when it's time to move on.

instant push notifications

Get an instant push notification whenever anyone makes a purchase or deposit. You’ll always know what’s up.

connect your bunq cards

Want to shop? Easily link bunq cards to the group account and you’ll never have to worry about settling afterwards again.

manage restrictions

Set budget limits to manage spending on group accounts. Perfect for kids to learn to deal with money or expenditures of employees.

a trip with friends

Cālin, Mart, Hank, Joyce and Maria often go on short trips together and they always have the hassle of settling expenses afterwards. This time however Maria decided to setup a bunq group account.

"It's been really great using bunq group accounts! In the past we kept lists of expenses, and had to spend a bunch of time after we got back doing the math and dividing the costs. Nobody ever liked that, it was often messy and people had to wait for their money. Now we just use the group account and never have to worry about settling again."

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