easy bookkeeping

Nobody likes bookkeeping. That's why we automated it. You can make a real-time connect with online accountancy firms so you never have to worry about bookkeeping again!

real time overview

Thanks to real-time connect you can have always up-to-date overviews in your accountancy software.

draft payments

Your accountancy software can automatically generate draft payments. Approve them with just one tap. Never do manual payment entry again!

small expenses

Have a separate expense bank account and link a bunq card to it. They automatically get booked under small expenses.

These accountancy companies support real-time connect with bunq.

perfect for freelancers

Mark started his own bakery 4 years ago. He is doing really well. So well that he doesn't have time to waste on administration.

"Before I kept having to deal with all the receipts and endless stacks of paperwork. I lost track of my company's expenses and spent a lot of time trying to maintain a clear overview. It made it hard for me to keep my attention on more important tasks. Now everything is constantly updated automatically in real time!  And it costs me zero effort."

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