ultimate card control

Travel abroad, shop online or do the groceries? The beautiful bunq cards always have you covered. The bunq Pack, Premium and Business memberships include 3 cards of your choice,  bunq worldwide Mastercards and/or Maestro cards.

We designed the worldwide Mastercard for travel and online shopping and the Maestro card for all your European everyday needs. No matter where you are or what you're buying, these are all you'll ever need.

informed instantly

You get a instant push notification whenever you make a purchase with your bunq cards. You'll always know what's up.

enjoy the best security

We handbuilt various security measures to keep you safe. Enjoy our convenient rotating CVC security code for safe online purchases.

control everything

Link your card to any of your bank accounts. Changes are instant so you can budget easily.

webshop heaven

Maddy loves buying stuff online. Until now she has been restricted because she didn't have a debit card - yet.

"You know, I often found myself on these shops where they would only accept debit/credit cards. I didn't want to have a credit card because I don't like living on credit. So when bunq worldwide Mastercard was launched I just had to have one. I simply use the money I have on my account. The notifications I get are a huge plus!

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