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gain full financial freedom from traditional banks

bank accounts for groups

Open a bank accounts for groups of friends, family or partner(s). Whether it's holidays, groceries or an epic night out: everyone can chip in. You can open a bank account for groups on your phone in less than 5 seconds.

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instant requests

Someone owes you? With instant requests you can get your money back immediately. You'll receive a push notification the second they pay you.

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ultimate card control

Buying things online and in stores with your cards? You will always know what's up thanks to instant push notifications. Need to adjust settings? You have full control over your cards from the bunq app.

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easy bookkeeping

Connect your bank account to your accountancy software & your bookkeeping will automatically be kept up to date all the time!

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bank without borders

Whatever you need from us, no matter where you are, all you'll ever need is your phone. Never do branch visits or wait in lines again.

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helping each other

Need some help? Or maybe you love to help others? Check out together.bunq.com, where you can share ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other.

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