bunq Update 17 is here!

bunq Update 17 is here!

What's new in the latest bunq Update

Discover all the amazing new features we're launching with bunq Update 17. Coming on 2021-06-01 at 20:30!

Easy Bank

Easy Bank 1 Easy Bank 1

Easy Bank

The bank account you set up in just 5 minutes.
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Designed with you in mind

New Design New Design

Designed with you in mind

More bunq with less taps
To smoothen your experience, we've improved the bunqessential features by making them easier to access. Pay and Request are just a tap away, adding sub-accounts and ordering new cards is now easy as ABC and you can quickly find anything you need with a dedicated search bar.


Support SOS

Here when you need us most

SOS? No sweat, we'll help you in no time! Simply call our SOS number, follow a simple process, and your issue becomes our nr. 1 priority - saving you time when you need it most.

Batch Action Events

Settle many requests in just one tap

Want to split 5 payments after a night out with friends? Or accept multiple requests at once? Simply select all the events in the app, and sort them out with one tap!

Friends 2.0

Explore more hot spots you and your friends love

The Friends tab just got an upgrade! Check out the map to see the countries you've visited (in green), or the countries that your friends loved (in blue). Same group, new adventure? You can start a new activity with one tap, no manual hassle!

French IBAN

Your bunq account, fully compatible in France

Coucou la France! Fully integrate your bank with your life in France with a fully compatible RIB, thanks to our new French IBANs. Available for all new bunqers residing in France.

Salary Sorter

Organize where your money goes the moment you get paid

Automagically let incoming payments flow to sub-accounts, your savings goals or any IBAN from any bank. Be it your landlady, a charirty close to your heart or the ski trip you're saving up for, you're sorted month after month!

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