Doing good... made easy

Doing good... made easy

The bank that supports your causes

Whether it’s supporting a local business or ridding the ocean from plastic, bunq makes it easy to have a positive impact on the world, the way you want. As a bunq user, you can support causes you care about with just a tap in the app. Simply create your Common Goal, share it with your friends and start raising money instantly!

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Support your causes with family, friends, and the bunq community

With bunq you can create a Common Goal whenever you want, for anything you want. Once you set it up you can instantly share it with anyone: friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, anyone can donate! With the bunq app you're always up to date on how much you've raised towards your goal, and you can even see the total donations given by the entire bunq community.

No thresholds. No fees. No burdens.

100% of your funds go directly to the cause

Most platforms charge a fee on crowdfunding campaigns. We don’t. All funds go to your cause. Donated €500 to support musical talents affected by COVID-19 or raised €10K to help smallholder farmers grow their way out of poverty. No matter the amount or where the heart lies, 100% of the funds goes directly to the cause.

Discover new ways to leave your mark

Contribute to amazing causes and increase your positive impact

Ever heard of how the Salt Foundation is solving food shortages? Or how about Free a Girl, which helps rescue girls all over the world from prostitution? As a bunq user, you get a front row seat to all the amazing things our community is doing to make the world a better place. And with just 1 tap, you can make a difference too!

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Ready to make an impact?

Sign up in 5 minutes and start raising money in seconds!

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