All your receipts digitized and stored with the right payments, automatically

Save precious time on your bookkeeping with our receipt digitization features.


How does it work?

Save precious time on your bookkeeping: scan all your receipts in one go and let the bunq app match them to the right payments. Need to find a receipt? Simply search a keyword and find it instantly. Need to share a receipt with your bookkeeper? Simply export it as a PDF!

Step 1

To digitize and store your payments, simply tap on 'Scan' in your bunq app.


Step 2

Swipe to 'Match Receipts' and scan your receipts, all in one go.


Step 3

Select which dates you scanned for.


Step 4

Confirm your payment matches, and you're done! Your receipts are now matched to the approporiate payments!


Export to your bookkeeper

Step 5

After scanning your receipts, you can export your receipts to your bookkeeper with just a few taps.


Step 6

Simply select Mail from the list of media options, when choosing to export your receipts.


Step 7

Write the email containing your attached receipts.



Your receipts have now been sent to your bookkeeper!


Going pro?

To level up your bookkeeping, simply enable Auto Export to export your statements and receipts, every month. Automatically. All you need to do is enable it in your business sub-account settings!


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