What is bunq.me?

bunq.me is the easiest way to get your money back. Claim your own payment link and share it a gazillion times. It never expires.

Is it secure?

Yes. bunq.me uses secure payment methods such as iDeal, bunq and SOFORT. Your money will be transferred to the person who created the bunq.me link.

How long does it take?

Paying through bunq.me takes a few seconds: just select an amount, choose your payment method, and confirm your payment. Voilá, done! The other person will receive a notification instantly, and the money will be in their account as soon as their bank processes the payment.

What is bunq?

bunq is a clean alternative to traditional banking. No paperwork, no branch visits, no waiting. Just you, your phone and the world. Discover more about bunq.

I need help.

Still need help? Search for answers on Together, or contact us at support@bunq.com