Budget without the headache

Budget without the headache

Receipt Scanning

Automatically attach receipts to the right payment

Do you collect receipts? Scan all of them with the bunq app and we'll match them to the right payments, automatically so you save precious time on your bookkeeping. You can even export them as a PDF and send them to your bookkeeper! It's that simple.


Always know how much you can spend!

Easily setup a monthly budget and fully customize it by choosing your starting date and include/exclude as many accounts as you like.

Invoice Scanning

Pay all your invoices No manual effort required

Do you have a lot invoices to pay? Simply scan them using the bunq app and we'll take care of the rest. Zero manual effort needed.

Multiple Sub-accounts

Open a sub-account for anything in just seconds

Budgeting for groceries? Bills? New car? Doesn't matter. Set up a sub-account for all your needs in seconds. Budgeting has never been easier.

Dual PIN

Pay from 2 bank accounts with 1 card

Pay for groceries with one PIN and then pay for office supplies with another? bunq makes it easy with Dual Pin. Instantly spend and budget between multiple sub-accounts with the same card.

Payment Sorter

Split your salary into your sub-accounts, automatically

bunq automatically sends your salary to the right sub-accounts every month. You now can enjoy easy budgeting so you never have to think about it.

Auto Export

Automatically send bank statements to your bookkeeper

Never waste time searching for an old statement again. Simply set up Auto Export and have your bunq app send all your statements to your bookkeeper instantly.

Bookkeeping Software Integration

Use bunq with your favorite bookkeeping software

Never worry about doing your bookkeeping manually again. Connect bunq to your bookkeeping software once and you will never do bookkeeping the same again.

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Try bunq for free

Sign up in 5 minutes to join The Free. You only need your phone.