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January 24, 2020


Your personal payment link goes international!

Getting money back just got “een tikkie beter”. For all non-Dutch speakers out there, that roughly translates to... a heck of a lot better.

With the recent launch of bunq Update 13, you can start sending and receiving international payments easier than ever. And did we mention instantly too?

Let’s rewind. What’s a personal payment link? 🤔

A few years (and a couple of amazing Updates) ago, we launched personal payments links that you can create, claim and send to other people as a way to easily get your money back. Inside scoop: we got creative when it became time to name the feature. These days you can hear us refer to the personal payment links as links. Seems fitting right?

If you’ve never created a link before, the setup is super easy! The concept is similar to registering a new website domain. As long as the URL hasn’t been taken by another user already, you can create a custom link directly within the app. This can be your name, an event description, your favorite songs lyrics- anything you want!

Personalization as unique as you 🌈

If your custom URL is available, you can create your own link and it’s yours forever (that is, unless you choose to edit it). This means your link will never expire and you can use it as many times to request money back as you want. The best part? If you can remember your name, you can remember your link. Whenever you need to send it out, you’ll be able to memorize it for easy access. For example: Type it out, say it out loud, copy and paste it. You can do them all!

On top of this, you can even personalize your page link to a certain sub-account, include a photo of your choice and write your own description. This way we can make it fit different events, your mood of the day, whatever you want. And if you’re not feeling creative you can leave our standard design too.

Request back money, locally or internationally 🚀

Not only is the link portable, it’s also compatible with iDEAL, SOFORT and credit cards. This makes it perfect for both personal and business transactions, since recipients can use it for a variety of payment options. iDEAL is a great option for Netherlands transactions, and SOFORT for Germany.

As of bunq Update 13, the credit card top-up addition brings global since it works with any EU credit card. Have a colleague stationed in France? Book your conference tickets, send them over your link, and ask them to split the payment- all via your simple payment link. Using their French credit card, they’re able to instantly transfer you any funds you may need when running your business.

Wondering how it works in the bunq app? You can find out more information on Together here.

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